Time for Bark and Compost.
And don’t forget to water.  Check with us on how much and how often.

Landscape Consultation Service

Landsystems staff can schedule a visit to your site for a landscape consultation.  This is ideal for small scale projects, as well as modifications and enhancements of existing landscapes.  It is also ideal for folks that like to perform work for themselves and just need some professional guidance.  Topics that are commonly addressed are plant additions and removals, plant identification, care and plant diagnostics, site grading and drainage, hardscales, turf modifications, installations and diagnostics, irrigation system evaluations and pretty much anything else that goes on in the landscape.

The service is typically performed in the evenings and starts at $150.00 in the Bend area.


Express Bark Blower and Compost

We are dedicated to stay on the “cutting edge” with our Express Blower application service.  We can ‘install’ bark mulches & compost in a fraction of the time it would take you to wheelbarrow, shovel, rake & smooth.  We can flow 10 yards of material per hour and reach areas up to 240 feet from the truck.  The Express Blower installation has a satiny smooth finish unattainable by hand.  You will be amazed at the results.  Jeff Gulley is our skilled blower tech and has an incredible reputation for quality.  Contact him for a quote and/or free estimate on his cell at 541-948-0585 or at the office at 541-382-7646.

We also deliver for your convenience.