Fall  – Hunting for Red October? – plants to ‘Fall’ for!
Splashy Sumac, Burning Bush, Virginia Creeper, bulbs…
And time to plant those fruit trees for next year.
Don’t forget the garlic…. it’s here!

Garlic is here!!

Time to think about planting your Garlic for next years harvest.  We have just received beautiful locally grown seed gloves of organic Georgian Crystal garlic, Chesnok Red and Kettle River garlic.  Late September into mid-October is the ideal time to plant, but plan ahead as we do run out early.

Garlic is easy to grow, plant each glove pointed side up 2 inches deep and 6 to 8 inches apart in good garden soil.  Rows should be 8 – 10 inches apart.  Cover with 2 – 4 inches of compost and let it grow.  Your crop should be ready to harvest next fall.

A fun way to grow garlic is to plant cloves in clumps in your flower beds.  You are rewarded with pretty grass-like foliage during the summer and maybe even a purple bloom or two.


This late blooming shrub is a real showstopper with its brilliant blue flowers.  Butterflies and bees love it.  A great plant to continue summertime blooms into fall.

Deer Alert!

Now is the time to protect your trees from deer damage.  Every year we see more damage to trees in the fall caused by deer rubbing their antlers on the trunks of trees. We carry ”tree guards’ to protect your trees from the deer.

One Last Meal!  Feed your lawn this fall

As our green oasis begins to go dormant with the fast approaching winter season, we need to keep in mind the importance of feeding turf to help it through the cold days ahead.  Actually, fall feeding is considered one of the most important fertilizations.  Using Fertilome Winterizer in late fall just before your irrigation is turned off will help insure a healthier turf next spring.

And…. using Cold Climate Organics, a Redmond product, is ideal for vegetable gardens, flower beds and all types of outdoor plants, trees and shrubs. This mixture is perfect for our elevation and climate zone.

Dig – Drop – Done


Plant now and delight in their flower display next spring.  Bulbs are among the easiest flowers to grow.  Plant spring flowering bulbs in the fall.  These bulbs require cold winter temperatures for development.  Let your imagination run wild,  Sunny yellow daffodils, cupped flowers of purple, white or yellow crocus, the sweet fragrance of hyacinths and showy colorful tulips emerge in the spring bringing a smile to any face.  All you need is a sunny spot, compost to mix with the soil, some bulb fertilizer and the bulbs.  Dig… Drop… Done.

Now is not the time to take it easy.  Dig, Drop, and Done.  Time to plant next years’ bulbs.  Some of your best fall color plants are in now, as well as varieties of garlic and fruit trees.  Fall is in the air… time to think about planting.  Check our Landsystems Nursery newsletter for ‘tips’, tricks and ‘how-to’s’.  Sign up for it online at:  info@landsystemsnursery.com

Water – Water – Water

If you are planting new trees, shrubs or bulbs this time of year, that’s OK, but don’t forget to water them.  Ask Landsystems how much and how often and when is it good to plant.  We are always happy to help.