Our Coach

Gary English – Owner

I am the proud founder of Landsystems.  I have been very fortunate to have found and nurtured some very talented professionals along the way and together we have developed Landsystems into a successful full service Garden Center and design/build company.  It all started with my Mom’s penchant for plants and landscaping — and her 5 sons as her labor force to accomplish her dreams.  Oregon State then provided me the academic eduction to move forward as a young professional in Horticulture and Landscape Architecture. Landsystems was subsequently born and I have had a most wonderful career for over 40 years.  I still enjoy each day at Landsystems and working with my talented staff to serve the lifestyle and landscaping needs of Central Oregonians and beyond.

Cindy Jeffers

Retail Manager Since 1980

I can’t think of a better place to grow up than Northern California to get your hands in the dirt.  From the time I was little my Mom and Nana grew beautiful flowers for creating beautiful gardens and also for exhibiting at our county fair.  As I grew older my responsibilities grew to helping with the modest, one-acre vegetable garden.  I remember the day that my grandma pulled the first peanuts out of the ground…. I thought peanuts grew on trees!

My college degree didn’t lead me to a career in horticulture, but I soon realized that it was much easier to feed plants than people and changed my direction to the nursery industry.  After many trips to “the valley”, I became an Oregon Certified Nursery Professional, and have continued to expand my eduction to better provide Central Oregon with quality plant material and new introductions that will thrive in the high desert climate.

As one of the team players that helped to develop Landsystems Nursery years ago, I have seen many changes in the plant pallet of Central Oregon gardeners.  I am excited to add my passion for the ever-changing choice of plant material, especially dwarf conifers, perennials, and stunning annual baskets and containers, etc..

Cindy Kay

Retail Sales Assistant Manager Since 2004

Just call me Cindy Kay.  I have been a resident of Bend for the past 7 years.  I came from Medford where I worked for a farm store and had my own small lavender farm in the Rogue Valley.  After growing and propagating over 80 varieties of lavender, I am  the resident expert.  With six years of teaching experience and three children I am well suited for our children’s gardening classes.

Kathyrn Krause

Design and Project Manager

I have been working with plants and growing things all my life.  It began as a chore of weeding and harvesting in our family vegetable garden, and has grown into a passion for creating outdoor spaces for others to enjoy. I went to school for Horticulture Landscape Design at the University of Wisconsin – River Falls, and have been working in the residential landscape field for 8 years.  I love spending time outdoors and using natural landscapes to inspire my designs.

Jeff Gulley

Jeff has been a Landsystems key player for over 20 years. Jeff started and continues to manage our Express Bark Blower operation AND our Special Projects division. He is extremely good at what he does and is an excellent communicator with our customers and staff. His organizational skills have enabled him to always be on top of his game. A wonderful asset to Landsystems and the Central Oregon community.

Deanna Sallee

Deanna is absolutely passionate about working with plants- our sense is that she actually bleeds green! Early spring finds her planting and growing all of the City of Bend hanging baskets which is no small undertaking. She also creates and grows custom planters and hanging baskets for our customers and our retail color pavilion. She loves color creations and it really shows.

Team Work!

(Some of the team – always ready to help with a smile)