Winter watering alert!

According to the news, Central Oregon is suffering from severe drought conditions. This means it is more important than ever to water your plantings through out the winter. Watering systems should be turned off, so on any nice day use a hose or watering can to give your plants a drink. This is especially important for new plantings. A snow fall or light rain will NOT be enough to get your plants through the winter.

Christmas Trees have arrived!

LIVE…FRESH CUT…FLOCKED Fresh cut #1 Noble and Nordman fir trees are available now!!! Our trees are the highest quality available. We specialize in large trees that make a statement. For extra pizzazz, allow us to custom -flock you tree for that “winter wonderland” effect. Purchase your tree from us or bring in your own for custom flocking.

Poinsettias are here!

Nothing says Christmas like a spectacular poinsettia!! We have a variety of colors and sizes. Check out the spectacular new varieties such as Ice Crystal, Jester Jingle, and Gold Rush. Ours are the prettiest in town! Available in 4″ and 6.5″ CARING FOR YOUR POINSETTIA Poinsettias are semi-tropical and like to be moist, not too dry or wet. Drain any excess water as the roots don’t like to be too wet. Pick a bright spot indoors away from chilly windows,drafty doors,and breezy furnace vents. Add some poinsettia fertilizer for longer blooming.

Does applying mulch this time of year help the plants or is it just a waste?

Applying mulch this time of year can have huge rewards.  Organic mulches help retain moisture for the root system during our long, often dry winters as well as provide insulation.  Mulches will help smother out weeds that might still be growing, too.  Also, applying Harvest Supreme or Steer compost to your garden beds will get them ready to plant next spring.

Be Wise…… Winterize

There is nothing worse than turning on your irrigation system in the spring only to find water bubbling up all over your landscape.  Most times this problem can be avoided if you will have ‘Landsystems’ “blow out” your irrigation system before the winter cold sets in.  It may still feel like fall, but for those of us who have lived here for awhile we know that mother nature could turn on Central Oregon at any time and bring frigid temperatures.  Our crews are performing this service now, so get on the list.  541-382-7646.

Is Landsystems open all winter?

Yes.  We are open Monday – Saturday 9-5.

Protect your plants

MOISTURIN protects plants against drought, frost damage and adverse weather conditions such as ice and freezing winds.  This product forms a barrier on the foliage sealing in moisture.  Use this on broadleaf evergreens such as rhododendrons and Oregon grape to prevent leaf damage.  We use this product on our cut greenery and cut Christmas trees to keep them fresher longer.

Holiday Drama Queen:  The striking, yet simple Amaryllis

The large flowering dramatic amaryllis is one of the easiest bulbs to grow and comes in an array of colors.  we have some beautiful bulbs in red, white or pink, ready for you to plant.  Remember, the bigger the bulb, the more blooms you will enjoy.  Make sure you plan ahead, as amaryllis take around 8-10 weeks to bloom.

All you need is:  1-amaryllis bulb, 1-6″ wide container, and soil or pebbles.

-Fill the container two-thirds full with soil or pebbles
-Place bulb on soil (pebbles) pointed end facing up
-Add more soil around bulb, leaving top third of bulb exposed
-Water and place container in sunny place

Make sure to water periodically to prevent it from drying out.  As it grows you may want to stake it to keep it from leaning.  Once they bloom, they will continue blooming for up to 2 months.  Don’t wait, we sell out every year.

Can I still plant bulbs?

Yes, it is the perfect time to plant.  Remember to use bulb food when you plant and also apply to older planted bulbs to encourage prolific bloom next spring.